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Curious Theatre Branch
Gala Weekend: Magnus in Play

The Lucky Ones

Written by Jenny Magnus

Presented by Chloe Johnston, Ira S. Murfin & Emmy Bean

A meditation on the ends of things, and whether we have to accept them gracefully or not. Two old friends sit together through the end of a lovely summer day, as the light fades, and talk about whether the end that is coming, is inevitably coming, nothing to be done about that, whether that end can be embraced. Or whether not going gently, but going with resistance, is another strategy that can have dignity. These people know each other very, very well, and thus, they call each other out on all their little tricks of mind. But that is what they love about each other, the little tricks of mind.

  • Directed by
  • Chloe Johnston
  • Performed by
  • Ira S. Murfin
  • Emmy Bean
  • Victoria Johnson