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Curious Theatre Branch
Gala Weekend: Magnus in Play

The Songs of Jenny Magnus

A Benefit Concert for the PROP THTR

A one-time-only benefit concert, with all proceeds going to the PROP THTR building fund, this special Curious event features songs by Jenny Magnus sung by invited guests. Listen to your favorite Jenny tune, from the Maestro Subgum & the Whole days to Songs from Shows.

  • Performances by
  • David Issacson
  • Chris Schoen
  • Vicki Walden
  • Troy Martin
  • Matt Test
  • Sidonie Greenberg & Ruben
  • Kate O'Reilly & Janet Sayer
  • Julia Williams
  • Beth Ann O’Reilly
  • Bob Jacobson
  • Michael Stumm
  • Michael Greenberg
  • Jamie O’Reilly
  • Stephanie Rearick
  • Blair Thomas
  • Heather Shorey
  • Jeffrey Bivens
  • Mark Chrisler