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Rhinoceros Theater Festival Opening Gala

Full Moon Vaudeville

The Curious Theatre Branch presents The Full Moon Vaudeville Kick-Off Rhino Gala...

The Full Moon Vaudeville is a long term project of the Curious Theatre Branch and the Rhino Fest. A place to put all the strange little things, all the strange people, all the strange and beautiful moments that don't fit elsewhere. This year the Vaudeville features Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen, SAIC's Jenny Kim, Bailey Boyle, and blues singer Sharon Waltham. Hosted by The Crooked Mouth.

  • Hosted by
  • The Crooked Mouth
  • Performers include
  • Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen
  • Jenny Kim
  • Bailey Boyle
  • Sharon Waltham
  • The Billy Goat Experiment
  • Chris Schoen
  • John Starrs
  • One Time Only!
  • 7 p.m. Saturday, January 11