MAGNUS IN PLAY: Seven plays by Jenny Magnus

Curious Theatre Branch

Magnus in Play

A Festival of Seven Plays by Jenny Magnus
February 20–23

The 25th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival includes an extra gala week to celebrate the release of the new book by Curio Jenny Magnus, Observations of an Orchestrated Catastrophe, out in February from Jackleg Press. That’s seven plays in four days—performed by some of Chicago’s favorite invited soloists and theater companies. Plus a benefit concert for the Prop Thtr on Friday, February 21, with songs by Jenny performed by special guests.

The Trips

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Curious Theatre Branch

A duo. Travelling somewhere together. Amusing themselves along the way.

The Willies

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Sky Area Ten

Sleeplessness, guilt, anxiety, consequences. What we think about when we're alone.

How to Carry Love

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Bang You're Dead

The play with the futon and the bag of rice. Also the in-loveness between performer and audience.

Nowhere But Up

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Billy Goat Experiment Theater Co.

The end of someone. The bearing up. She will not go without some attention being paid.

The Lucky Ones

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Chloe Johnston, Ira S. Murfin
& Emmy Bean

Two old friends. A lovely summer day. The tricks of mind. Must it end?

The Strange

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The Ruckus

A girl and a woman. The same bedroom. Three times. Is despair infectious? What about hope?


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Kelly Ann Corcoran

The eros of a moment. This moment. The one we're in. With songs and texts and some sly images.

The Songs of Jenny Magnus

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A Benefit Concert for the Prop Thtr

Songs and stuff by Jenny Magnus. Sung by invited guests. All to support the continuing operations of the PROP THTR.