Meet the artists over coffee and convo.

Curious Coffee Klatsch

When you go and see new work, have you ever felt like there were a lot of things you would have liked to talk about to the artist who made that work? But who knows where those artists are lurking? Curious knows!

This year, in Rhino 2014, the Curious Theatre Branch is swimming faster than the stream, and creating our own place of context and critique. Where better, than over coffee and bagels, should the people responsible for the long-standing festival of new work, the Rhinoceros Theater Festival, offer up the writers and makers themselves for direct interaction and conversation with the audience?

Continuing in the Curious and Prop Thtr tradition of the Sunday morning “Church of the New Play”, where a casual conversation about theater and making and being an artist in this infuriating world takes place, the Curious Coffee Klatsch invites the audience to come and sip a cup and talk about the work they have seen in the festival that very week! Or the week before! This is the beauty of it: a knowledgable facilitator, who has seen the work, will invite other thoughtful, knowlegable people and the maker of the work, to informally present about the work, and lead a discussion with whoever is there. Over coffee! Coffee cake! Bagels!

The Curious Coffee Klatsch is part of an ongoing effort by the Curious independent artists to create their own critique, and to look for ways to communicate directly about how the work was made and what aspirations the maker has for the work. Ideas will flow, arguments will ensue, and everyone will have coffee! And bagels... Come and join us for our way of bowing down to Terpsichore, Pan, Shiva, and all the other gods of creativity. Celebrate ideas and communication and community. And commune over coffee, coffee cake and bagels....

  • 12 p.m. Saturday, January 25
  • 12 p.m. Saturday, February 8