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miR Theater

Cereus Moonlight

by Sarah Shotland with Joseph & Elizabeth Lark-Riley

Cereus Moonlight is the story of Ais, a woman who has washed ashore alone on the bank of the Indian River Lagoon in Rockledge, Florida. In this “beautifully-crafted fable” (Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today), Ais embarks on a quest for the elusive “glimmering” she saw on the bottom of the river in an attempt to take hold of it. Along her way she meets a series of unusual characters who inhabit this world including a brackish mermaid, a scholarly trout, and a hermit crab who works for NASA. Using puppetry and live original music, this haunting tale attempts to capture the essence of Rockledge while exploring the questions that connect humans all over the world.

  • Directed by
  • Joseph Lark-Riley
  • Music by
  • Jessica Fogle
  • Set Design by
  • Joseph Lark-Riley
  • Video by
  • Michael Bennett
  • Performed by
  • Elizabeth Lark-Riley
  • Duncan Jay
  • Cliff Werner
  • Dee Quinn
  • Aurelia Rose
  • Giles Gonnsen
  • Mitch Abrams
  • Tabitha Swalef
  • On the Web
  • 9 p.m. Saturday, February 15
  • 7 p.m. Sunday, February 16