Dani Wieder and Itzel Blancas

Josephine the Mouse Singer

An adaptation of “Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk,” by Franz Kafka
Created & directed by Dani Wieder & Itzel Blancas

Jospehine the Mouse Singer

When Josephine, the self-appointed singer in her community of Mouse Folk, requests to be let our of her daily work responsibilities to focus on her singing, she sets the town a-scurry. As they deliberate, doubt begins to trickle in concerning Josephine’s talent. The Mouse Folk, brought to life by an ensemble of puppets, are faced with a choice: do they expose their singer for the fraud she might be, or should they turn a blind eye so they can keep gathering at her concerts? A little tale of the things that bring folks together.


  • Ariana Silvan-Grau
  • Gabriel Levine
  • Puppet Design by

  • Jurrell Daly
  • Music Director/Sound Designer

  • Corson Barnard
  • Puppetry Consultant

  • Fletcher Pierson

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