Lon West


By Lon West


A group of old people live together in a home—crusty empiricist Norman; serene and compassionate caregiver Gertrude; kind and stoic Harold; June, a blind cripple; and a mysterious, unspeaking abstract painter, Edith.

When a dynamic and crassly confident young man, Augustus P. Heartbleed, invades their lives, the characters discover that he can penetrate the depths of their beings. Who or what is he—trickster, Lord of Death, devil? Can Heartbleed be believed? Is “fake news” real, or can the forces of sanity and light overcome the fear and confusion he creates?


  • Danny Glenn
  • Charlotte Hamilton
  • Zach Hebert
  • Howard Raik
  • arla Rennhofer
  • Kathleen Marshall Urbanski
  • Director

  • Lon West
  • Sound and Lighting

  • Charlotte Lastra
  • Music

  • Paul Brennan
  • Karla Rennhofer
  • Lon West

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