29th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival

Full Moon Vaudeville

The Crooked Mouth at Full Moon Vaudeville

Vaudevilles: what can you say about them? We’ve been doing some version of the Full Moon Vaudeville for almost 30 years, and the main criteria, as we see it, is to keep it moving, have variety, and to feature cool folks. This year we are hosting Ian Belknap, the hero of the deep; Diane “AlleyCat” Hamm, a real shaker and mover; a bunch of teens, singing and doing scenes; Barrie Cole, a writer who slays, plays, and frays; and many more. Something for everyone, some stuff for anyone, and a guarantee that each one is a ONE.


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Chief O'Neills Food and Drink Specials for Rhinofest 2018