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A Well

by Ran J

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What if one day when you wake up, you find yourself trapped in the bottom of a well? What if you are not the only one in it? Do you fight? Unite? Or just wait for the miracles to come by themselves. What if the well is only a well among thousands on the entire planet?

It’s cold outside. And it’s also cold inside. This time, in this well, a man and two women decide to communicate, in spite of the harsh reality that they have lost their ability to speak.

A Well is a new play written by a young dramatist, Ran Jiao, residing in Prague of Czech Republic. There are no spoken lines in the original script but only movements and actions, which leaves tremendous room for bodily expressions and visual-auditory design elements to play into the storytelling.

This production is a remount based upon its premiere at Amory Theatre, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with the same casts and core production crew.


  • Diana G.
  • Madeline W.
  • William E.
  • Directed by

  • Tianshu Z.

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