The RhinoFest Lecture Series

Talking Animals: A Species Describes Its Own Survival

Featuring Ira S. Murfin’s An Interview

Rhinofest Lecture Series

The RhinoFest Lecture Series returns (with a twist)! Rhino pedants, raconteurs, and kibitzers both familiar and new hold forth for your edification on the often surprising continued survival of the species, and other matters, every Monday night. This year, public address will be joined by another talk format not always seen on the theatrical stage: the interview. Ira S. Murfin’s project An Interview consists of an ongoing chain of interlocking segments in which each participant interviews and is interviewed by the participant before and after them, respectively, in the chain. Each segment both revisits the prior performance and generates a unique new exchange to be revisited in the subsequent segment. An Interview will intersect, overlap, and run in parallel to the RhinoFest Lecture Series every Monday night until the animals are all talked out. Talking Animals—lecturers, interviewers, and both—will include: Stefan Brün, Robin Cline, Amy England, Yifan Huang, Jenny Magnus, Matt Test, Don Washington, and more!


  • Monday, January 22: Jenny Magnus, Stefan Brün
  • Monday, January 29: Amy England, Robin Cline
  • Monday, February 5: Don Washington, Stefan Brün
  • Monday, February 12: Yifan Huang, Matt Test
  • Monday, February 19: Don Washington, Glenance Green

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