Scheduled Demonstration of Virtual Reality with Guest Speakers from the Santa Monica Institute of Technology

by Mario Guzman & Patrick TJ Kelly

The concept of the play is that the audience is being invited to join two “technical innovators” on a journey that explores the power and versatility of Virtual Realities or simply known as VR. V and R are two powerful letters that contain meaning beyond common understanding. Playing off these two letters our guest speakers Victor Vivendi and Ross Richardson take us through many intriguing scenarios that reveal truths, big and small of ALL realities. Ranging from realities that comment on current events like in “Victorious Russians” and “Vaccination Resistance” to the exploration of niche culture in the vignettes “Vinyl Records” and “Viking Research”.

Things take a turn when the manic structure of the play or “seminar” begins to collapse around our tour guides. What is real becomes indiscernible as the performers begin to bump against the constraints of having to hide who they are in front of others, and in life.


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