Lee Peters

The Institution

Written & Directed by Lee Peters

The Institution

Do you know what you really want? Which of your dreams would you be willing to sacrifice for those of our partners’? What truths are you afraid to accept about yourself? About the American Dream? What does it mean to be intimate with your partner? To be a man? To be a woman?

Lee Peters’ The Institution begs these questions and more. Inspired by Edward Albee’s legendary Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Institution forces us to consider what it is we avoid in order to maintain our place in life, the cost of that avoidance, and ultimately how our reality is both informed and ruled by the expectations of those around us.

Peters has crafted a re-imagining of Albee’s classic that thrusts the story into modern times. Set late at night, after an evening spent at the Northwestern University Faculty Holiday Party, amid a freak December rain storm, Bridget and her husband Charles play host to a younger gay couple from the party, Aiden and Edgar, to continue the night’s festivities. Watch as their worlds begin to collide and each players’ real motivations are brought to light in hilarious and sometimes painful consequences. An evening filled with difficult situations and no easy answers, The Institution takes you on a journey inward with four intellectuals pursuing the American Dream.


  • Arin Mulvaney
  • Brent LeBlanc
  • Chris Sylvie
  • Taylor Galloway
  • Production Staff

  • Assistant Director: Tyler Nielsen
  • Stage manager: Charlotte Lastra

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