Shalaka Kulkarni


Choreographed by Shalaka Kulkarni


Ripple is a collection of experiences that mirrors what it is to struggle with one’s identity, dreams and their place in the world.

The work incorporates dance and aspects of solo play to take you on a journey that presents diverse point of views of universal experiences. Movement is created using two Indian Classical forms—Bharatnatyam and Kathak—as the pillars which are constructed and deconstructed to expand and evolve these ancient forms of dance to tell personal narratives. The work is created with a belief that the best way to make a difference in the world is not to be afraid to be yourself. At the same time be willing to adapt and grow as change is the only constant thing. If we are true to ourselves then the world is bound to be on a path to change for the better as the world consists of us dreaming collectively; and a simple thought; to be kind to yourself while you reflect as we everlastingly affect the world with our own truths.


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