CreativePush Collective

Rhino Push

A series of workshops during RhinoFest

CreativePush Collective

Feeling stagnant? Needing some encouragement creatively? Let CreativePush Collective put their considerable boots into your tender asses.

CreativePush Collective (Sherry Antonini and Jenny Magnus, et al) announce their Rhino 2017 workshops. If you are underway with a project but need a focus and some feedback, or if you are stale and stuck and don’t know how to proceed, Antonini and Magnus can help you grow. With a combined over 31 years of experience teaching and facilitating the creative process, CreativePush Collective is your one-stop shop for generative experiences, critical feedback, process analysis, and all around wizardry in art/creativity/ composition. Whether you want to write, perform, sing, compose, paint, sculpt, make media, teach, or all of the above, CPC can absolutely move you forward. The workshops stand alone, can be attended separately or together, and will explore themes like Dialogues and Silence, Beginnings and Endings, Collecting, Flashpoints, Minimalism and Maximalism, and Splicing.

Go ahead, make a mess. We’ll help you turn it into something more.


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