Abaisses Theatre

Joan of Arc

Written by Alexandra Ranieri

Joan of Arc

In a once-prosperous town left ravaged by never-ending war, a nineteen year-old girl is on trial. She has reopened a long conflict, and lit a fire under the rebel cause. The government has at last caught up with her, and the punishment they seek is death. But there are complications. The girl refuses to tell the truth. She urges her judges to think of their souls. She says God will punish them if they hurt her. She has been chosen by God to save her country. The girl is her own, and only, lawyer. She is surrounded, both in the court and in her jail cell, by educated men who will use any means to find the legal loophole which makes the most convenient noose. The girl is illiterate. The girl is a warrior, a martyr, a witch. The girl is Joan of Arc.

    Directed by

  • Iris Sowlat

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