28th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival

Nothing But Net

A Very Curious Basketball Tournament

In a never-before-seen do-or-die clash of theatrical titans, The Curious Theatre Branch brings their eccentricity and prowess to the basketball court. Competing for bragging rights and for the benefit of their 2017/18 season, The Curious Theatre Branch stalwarts have created a basketball tourney, where teams of 3 on 3 will battle it out in the gym of the Evangelical Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 W. Balmoral, on Saturday March 4 starting at 3pm.

Come and watch some good old fashioned hoops action, as Curious goes head to head with other theater companies and artists. Come and be thrilled by a 3 point contest! See trick shots! Watch the action from up close and personal in a real old fashioned gymnasium. Commit to witnessing the whole epic battle, or just drop in.

Be sure to be there at 7pm for the post-tourney family-style banquet, when the distinguished members of the Board of Directors of the Curious Theatre Branch will award the winner with a trophy, and the title of Best in Play.

Sponsor a team or an individual player or “pay to play” your own self! Or just come to watch and dine for $25. All proceeds go to support The Curious Theatre Branch, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, and of course donations are tax deductible. Be a part of this totally bizarre and unlikely event, where writers and artists of all ages get on the court and play some O and some D.

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