Organic Theater Company


Or On The Bodily Education of Young Girls

Devised by Anna Gelman, Julia Rufo, Kat Christensen and Ariana Silvan-Grau

Directed by Anna Gelman

Every girl arrives at The Park the same way: naked, barely 7 years old, and in an individual and sealed wooden crate. In their time at The Park, they will become accomplished musicians, elegant ballerinas, and stunning acrobats, all in preparation for the greatest honor—performing at The Ballet, with it's audiences full of anonymous and rowdy men. Based on the short story by Frank Wedekind, Mine Haha or On The Bodily Education of Young Girls explores girlhood, learned femininity, and what happens when you are forced to grow up.


  • Julia Rufo
  • Kat Christensen
  • Ariana Silvan-Grau

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