on blue by you

created by Joshua Hoglund

on blue by you

In this performance I will kiss you. I hope we kiss. How might we get to a kiss? First, I will just ask: May I kiss you? ... In this performance I will face you. I never forget a face. on blue by you, a movement-lecture, processes how we use our faces and the faces of others to understand our emotions and articulate our desires. When understanding is inarticulate, is it any less reliable? A face is unreliable. The body stands under it, holding it above all else, relying on it. The face is constantly moving ahead of our emotions. The head is the body the face lies upon. In a kiss there is only proximity, an intimacy before understanding, an intensity of potentials. We close our eyes in the process. We call this "hope." The kiss articulates this hope. When we kiss, where do our faces go?

  • Performed by Elise Cowin, Joshua Hoglund, Christine Shallenberg and Ryan Wright
  • dramaturged by Evan Hill
  • Patrick Durgin helped a lot with thinking
  • Mark Booth did sound magic
  • Christine Shallenberg plays video well with others

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