Barrie Cole & Robert Metrick

Blau Space

Written and performed by Barrie Cole and Robert Metrick

Blau Space is a universe of constellations where predatory birds, prey humans, robotic vacuums, customer reviews, Jungians, sociologists and certain letters of the alphabet all converge to form a theory of socioeconomic macrostructural phenomenon.

Reverse Gossip: A Collection of Pretend Cell Phone Conversations

by Barrie Cole

Directed by Jen Moniz

Barrie Cole

A staged version of a public performance art project that first started in 2014. As part of the Cell Phone Conversations Project, Barrie Cole wrote over 20 monologues that functioned as one side of a cell phone conversation. A group of performers went out on public transit and performed them. Every outing was an experiment in different ways to perform these pieces. This staging presents the results of those experiments as a theatrical piece.

    Performed by

  • Heather Aranyi
  • Karyn Ashby
  • Martha Bayne
  • Amy Eaton
  • Giselle Greenberg
  • Vered Hankin
  • Ryan Heywood
  • David Isaacson
  • Lena Magnus Brun
  • Robert Puccinelli
  • Janet Sayre
  • Diana Slickman
  • Elizabeth Maria Smith
  • Vicki Walden
  • Sita Whitaker
  • Ruben Whitaker

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