Penultimate Mohicans

.44 croMagnum

by Joshua "Sonny" Harris

Directed by M.C. Steffen

.44 croMagnum

.44 croMagnum is a prehistoric farce about a trio of cannibalistic cavemen who are driven to mortal conflict when their cave caves in, leaving them with no way out and no food... except each other. It's a standoff of epic proportions between Veritas, the philosopher; Pangrati, the muscle; and Hogget, the chef. As the cavemen search for a fair way to settle this impasse - taking them through a survey of the evolution of Western society from the state of nature toward tentative democracy—the ultimate question ever lingers: Who will survive, and who will become a slab of ribs? Come for the Mesozoic living room drama—stay for the bite.


  • Veritas: Josh Harris
  • Pangrati: Derek Chan
  • Hogget: Austin Regalado
  • Staff

  • Production Manager: Claire Haupt
  • Set Designer: Jacob Mulcahy
  • Costume Designer: Lauren Saunders
  • Lighting Designer: Noah Baskes
  • Sound Designer: Alex Hale
  • Assistant Director: Ariella Kasmer-Jacobs

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