PinkElephant Performing Troupe

The Runaways

by Lena Brün

The Runaways by PinkElephant Performing Troupe

PinkElephant Performing Troupe presents The Runaways, an original play with songs written and directed by Lena Brün. Jane, a young runaway, finds herself in the midst of a circus made up of kids who, like her, decided that a normal childhood wasn’t for them. It may seem like a dream come true for Jane, but the circus has a past that she doesn’t know about, one that she’ll undoubtedly get tangled up in.

The Runaways is a play made by youth for youth, featuring the enthusiasm and spirit of the circus.


  • Chance Schneider, Lena Brün, Giselle Greenberg, Sita Whitaker, Ruben Whitaker, Zelda Zerkel, Beau O’Reilly
  • Crew

  • Stefan Brün, Diana Laffey
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