Chicago’s Longest Running Fringe Festival

The 27th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival, aka A Rhino Through Ionesco Glasses, is curated around the work of Eugene Ionesco, particularly his 1959 play Rhinoceros to be staged in a full production by Curious Theatre Branch co-founder Beau O’Reilly, with six weeks of new theatrical work by invited artists and companies that will engage with and reconsider this elusive writer of Absurdist theater.

  • New shows from:
  • Justin Botz
  • Billy Goat Experiment
  • Bucket of Mistakes
  • Mark Chrisler
  • Barrie Cole
  • Curious Theatre Branch
  • Rick Paul
  • PinkElephant Performing Troupe
  • The Ruckus
  • Runaways Lab
  • The Side Project
  • Theatre Y
  • Karen Yates
  • New Play Readings from:
  • Jayita Bhattacharya
  • Jennifer Biddle
  • Tim Bungeroth
  • Sue Cargill
  • Rory Jobst
  • Rory Leahy
  • Music by:
  • The Crooked Mouth
  • Eves Undoing
  • Jeff Kowalkowski
  • Diana Laffey
  • Midnight Moxie
  • Willa Moore
  • Plucky Rosenthal
  • The Push Push
  • Performance-Lectures from:
  • Martha Bayne
  • Stefan Brün
  • Dan Caffrey
  • Robin Cline
  • Amy England
  • Jeff Glassman
  • Jenny Magnus
  • Michael Martin
  • Ira S. Murfin
  • Mitch Salm
  • John Starrs
  • Matt Test

Feb 25: Ionesco Paris Review Interview

Ionesco Paris Review Interview

Ionesco has been called a “tragic clown,” the “Shakespeare of the Absurd,” the “Enfant Terrible of the Avant-Garde,” and the “Inventor of the Metaphysical Farce”—epithets that point to his evolution from a young playwright at a tiny Left Bank theater to an esteemed member of the Académie Française. Jeff Glassman and Jennifer Moniz do Eugene Ionesco as interviewed by Shusha Guppy for The Paris Review, No. 93, Fall 1984, Eugene Ionesco, The Art of Theatre No. 6.
A one-time only event.

Rhino Lecture Series

Rhinofest Lecture Series

Art as didacticism! Didacticism as art! Curious Theatre Branch continues it’s exploration of the ‘intro-spectacle’ in this series of psudo-academic presentations on all matter of subjects, both real and imaginary. Join some of the fringe’s stalwartest stalwarts using Ionesco’s Rhinoceros as inspiration to recount their findings on such topics as Haunted Houses, Zombie Apocolypses, Spacial Aptitudes, Meeting Minutes, Bertolt Brecht, and even Lectures themselves. Find a lecture.

Rhino Music Series

Rhinofest Music Series

The Crooked Mouth hosts the Rhino Tuesday Night Music Series. Crooked will play a set each week and have a featured guest act.

Guests include the jaunty stringband Eves Undoing, jazz and classical wunderkind Jeff Kowalkowski, new vaudevillains Plucky Rosenthal, poet and singer Willa Moore, singer-songwriter Diana Laffey, and hip-hoppers the Push Push.
Get your tickets here.

Church of the New Play

Join us Sundays during the Rhinofest for a weekly series dedicated to new and emerging voices in theater and performance. Coffee, donuts, and discussion to follow each reading. With work by Jayita Bhattacharya, Jennifer Biddle, Tim Bungeroth, Sue Cargill, Rory Jobst and Rory Leahy.