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Paul Pasulka & Friends

Wanna See a Dead Rat?

by Paul Pasulka

Paul Pasulka’s lying, right? What he’s got planned for Rhinofest is just too much. Solo performances of a face-to-face encounter with a sympathetic dead rat? Ironman’s lament? A daring rescue of little lost boys? WTF!?

Oh, and his friends will enact cautionary tales on why it’s not a good idea to model your dating life on Wile E. Coyote; or to throw away a career as a hot-shot lawyer for a girl you’ve met singing Zep at a Karaoke bar.

Definitely a liar. Catch him in the acts.

  • Performed by
  • Nick Strauss
  • Amanda Raquel Martinez
  • Directed & composed by
  • Madison Smith of Death & Pretzels
  • 3 p.m. Sunday, February 15