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WFMT Radio Network / Studs Terkel Radio Archive

Terkelogues: The Snow-In Show

Adapted transcripts from the Studs Terkel Radio Archive
by Tony Macaluso & Stefan Brün

Theatrical conversations consisting of staged readings of transcripts from Studs Terkel’s radio show and listening to archival audio clips around the themes of blizzards, power failures, drop-outs, illness, being bed bound, and the city being shut down, shut in and generally liberated from being efficient.

  • Performed by
  • Jenny Magnus
  • Beau O'Reilly
  • Jeremy Campbell
  • Directed by
  • Tony Macaluso
  • Stefan Brün
  • 7 p.m. Sunday, January 25
  • 3 p.m. Sunday, February 8