30+ Years of Curious Theatre
The 28th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival

Jan 21–Feb 25, 2017

  • Location
  • Prop Thtr • 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
  • Tickets
  • $15 or pay what you can
    $12 in advance online
  • Reservations
  • (773) 742-5420
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Opening with the Full Moon Vaudeville, Saturday January 21st, featuring Ian Belknap, The Crooked Mouth, a Marat/Sade sing-a-long, and much more! This year’s Rhinofest features new work from some of your favorite Curios.

by Jenny Magnus
Sat Feb 18 at 9pm, Sun Feb 19 at 7pm

After all the pieces have collapsed, who picks them up again? Somebody has to get up and just get started. I’s all very well and good to decry the mess, lament the pain, but maybe something can be used again, once it’s been neatly sorted and organized. Upon whom does this salvaging job land? It’s a mess, but leaving it a mess won’t do. Someone has to start. That’s all that’s needed. A start. On cleaning up the collapsed... whatever. Think about the Trummerfrau, the women in Germany after WWII who climbed up on piles of demolished buildings and scavenged one brick at a time. Jenny Magnus contemplates the difficulty and necessity of reclamation, and the possibility of delivering some goods.

Thinking Outside The Magician's Box
Libretto by Sue Cargill and Matt Test, Music by Matt Test
Fri Jan 27, Sat Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, Feb 18, Feb 25 at 7pm

The Curious Theatre Branch, in collaboration with the Chicago Sawing Circle and the One Page Opera Project, present a a comically absurdist chamber opera exploring the pataphysical ramifications of sawing a woman in half, and what could be sawed instead. Featuring: Carrie Drapac, T-Roy Martin, Matt Test, and Jeff Kowalkowski.

Beau O’Reilly’s Story Animal
“Last Week”, a one-act play, and “This Is a Movie I Am Making for the Third Grade”
Sun Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 19, Feb 26 at 2pm

The play and the movie trace the daily ins and outs, over a week and then a week after that, shots are fired, the streets are filled with smoke, the bus stops and the therapist’s office are getting tense and then tenser. Written and Staged by Beau O’Reilly. The cast features Barry Lohman, Beau O’Reilly, Brook Celeste, Briavael O’Reilly, Cat Jarboe, Charlotte Hamilton, Judith Harding, Julie Williams, Kate O’Reilly, Lyle Mays, Matt Rieger, Mike O’Brien, Shala Miller, Stefan Brün, Ryan Wright, Winifred O’Reilly, Zelma O’Reilly. Film and tech by Jenny Magnus, Lena Brün, Marlana Carlson.