30+ Years of Curious Theatre
All the Ways to Hidey Hole by Jenny Magnus and Beau O'Reilly

Jan 18–Feb 16, 2013

9:00 p.m. Fridays
7:00 p.m. Saturdays
  • Location
  • Prop Thtr • 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
  • Part of the 24th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival


Beau O'Reilly and Jenny Magnus collide again in All the Ways to Hidey Hole: Madras Parables. Another entry in their 20+ year long series of duets they call "madras parables", All the Ways to Hidey Hole catches up to Magnus and O'Reilly in their 50's, when all the ways they have learned to negotiate each other have been thrown in the wash and hung out to dry.

As a couple of good friends will do, Magnus and O'Reilly exchange bits and gags, observations and lessons, lectures and rants, insults and praises. A backing and forthing of texts, songs, and images, All the Ways to Hidey Hole: Madras Parables is one of the ways these two artists have to understand the world and themselves as they change over time. Having been in the making game for 26 years together, Magnus and O'Reilly have a lot of wisdom about the crux of the matter, and not surprisingly, they have plenty of confusion too. It's a hide and seek game of olly-olly-oxen-free for the spirit. Which is willing, by the way, though the flesh is weak. But aren't we all?

Performed by

Jenny Magnus, Beau O'Reilly


  • "Exquisitely candid.... Rarely do the sublime, the ridiculous, and the matter-of-fact merge so fruitfully."—Chicago Reader