30+ Years of Curious Theatre
Elvisbride by Jayita Bhattacharya and Matt Test

Jan 14–Feb 12, 2012

  • Location
  • Prop Thtr • 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
  • Tickets
  • $15 or pay what you can at the door
    $12 in advance online
  • Part of the 24th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival


A spoon is dropped. Why was the spoon dropped? Where? What was the spoon being used for? Who dropped it? Does it really matter? Did anybody see it drop? How many spoons is this now? Does anybody bother to pick it up? You see etc. Sorry, again.


Sue Cargill, Steve Lehman, Lena Magnus Brün, Debbie Strecker

Designed & directed by

Jeffrey Bivens


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  • "In a way, this show is the definition of impenetrability. But, in Jeffrey Bivens's staging for Curious Theatre Branch, it's also surprisingly resonant and compelling. A set piece in which syllables get dropped from a speech is a tour de force."—Chicago Reader