30+ Years of Curious Theatre
Our Kate Takes a Trip by Beau O'Reilly

Jan 14–Feb 12, 2012

  • Location
  • Prop Thtr • 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
  • Tickets
  • $15 or pay what you can at the door
    $12 in advance online
  • Part of the 24th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival


Our Kate Takes a Trip is set in and around Ballyvaughan, Ireland. A bunch of the middle-aged locals, all drawn together by their fascination and affection for Kate—a charismatic lady who excels at everything she does; theater, sports, mountain climbing, smoking cigarettes—get together to argue and drink. It is the first Saturday of the summer in Ballyvaughan, and the gang piles into Kate's car to drive up the cost to Galway.


Stefan Brün, Judith Harding, Brian Collins, Courtney Kearney, Beau O'Reilly, Matt Rieger, John Starrs

Directed by

Matt Rieger