30+ Years of Curious Theatre

Over thirty years of Curious theater!

Founded in 1988 by Jenny Magnus and Beau O'Reilly—as the Curious Theatre “Branch” of the alt-rock cabaret act Maestro Subgum and the Whole—Curious has consistently worked with an ensemble of artists in a non-hierarchical decision-making process, through which the philosophy of collaboration as a social force is explored on every level.

Curious Theatre Branch has produced more than 100 full productions of world-premiere shows in nearly 30 years, amazing audiences year after year in how much can be accomplished for so little. Curious has developed its own recognizable style, using an economy of means and production to make deeper and deeper, rather than larger and larger, work.

In 1995, Beau O'Reilly was named one of the 50 most influential people in Chicago theater by Chicago Magazine. In 1998, Beau O'Reilly and Jenny Magnus were named among the Artists of the Year by the Chicago Tribune, and nearly every year since 1998 Newcity has included them among the 50 most influential people in Chicago theater.

Curious's Waiting for Godot and The Caretaker were named among the top five theater productions of 2006 and 2009, respectively, by Newcity. In 2007, Curious Theatre Branch won an Orgie Award for Original Theater for the year-long Samuel Beckett festival, No Danger of the Spiritual Thing: 100 Years of Beckett (best ensemble), and in 2011 Curious was granted a season-long residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art, culminating in Jenny Magnus’s Still in Play: A Performance of Getting Ready.


Jayita Bhattacharya
Jeffrey Bivens
Stefan Brün
Jenny Magnus
Troy Martin
Jennifer Moniz
Beau O'Reilly
Matt Rieger
Matt Test
Vicki Walden
Julia Williams


Scott Barsotti
Kristin Basta
John Coyne
Mark Comiskey
Jennifer Cozzi
Jill Dailey
Marianne Feiber
Hallie Gordon
Paul Leisen
Michael Martin
Bryn Magnus
Guy Massey
Kat McJimsey
Colm O'Reilly
Liz Paine
Kathleen Powers
Shawn Reddy
Matt Rieger
Adam Rosenberg
John Starrs
Anita Stengar
Spencer Sundell
Kate Teichman
H.B. Ward
Teresa Weed
Matt Wilson

Web/Graphic Design

Jeffrey Bivens

Board of Directors

Sherry Antonini
Julie Berggren
Justin Botz
Ira Glass
Jenny Magnus
Janet Sayre

Friends of Curious

Bruised Orange Theater Company
Center Portion
The Crooked Mouth
Free Street
Links Hall
Lucky Pierre
Lucky Plush
Museum of Contemporary Art
Old Town School of Folk Music
Prop Thtr
The Ruckus
The Side Project
Stillpoint Theatre Collective
Theater Oobleck
Uvulittle Records


Curious Theatre Branch is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported in part by grants from:

  • The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
  • The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
  • The Alphawood Foundation
  • The Illinois Arts Council Agency

We also get on by generous contributions from our community and from individual donors. We invite you to join us in advancing the mission of Curious Theatre Branch, one of Chicago's few all-original theatre companies. Your contribution will swell the ranks of committed loyalists who believe in honest, collaborative, and fiercely independent theatre.

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